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Most beautiful canoe trips in Northern Europe

All seasons it's fun2paddle on kanoweb.nl. We like to share lots of info, impressions & suggestions to canoe trips, canoe trails and canoetripreports in the Netherlands and other countries in Northern Europe. All as a startingpoint for your own kayak- or canoe-adventure to discover. Onsite you will find various canoe and kayak related topics and updates. For example canoetrekking, kayak-holidays, canoe-rentals, canoecampsites and more! Alltough our website is presented to you in Dutch language we hope you will enjoy your visit at kanoweb. Have fun and visit kanoweb again or like our Facebookpage. Happy paddling! ツ

Canoemap Netherlands Belgium

Discover our canoemap with +350 route suggestions for your canoe trip. You will also find additional info as campsites, launchingspots, canoeclubs, rentacanoe. Take a paddle and enjoy!

Winter paddle most beautifull river Winter - Paddle outing on one of most beautifull rivers in the Netherlands: Dinkel

viaKanoweb Canoemap

Canoe and kayakfun in Sweden

For many years now we paddle lots of lakes and rivers in Sweden. Regularly canoetrips and impressions will be added to our Swedish canoeguide. We promise! You will find lots of nice spots to start your canoetrip or just camp.

Canoe trips in Sweden Summer - Our secret magic paddlespot in Sweden ツ

Canoeguide Sweden

Dutch Open Kano Festival

Don't forget. The annual meeting, second weekend in September, with friends and canoeists in National Park Weerribben-Wieden. Canoeists from England, Germany, Belgium, France, Austria and Switzerland come to enjoy our Dutch waterways, meet others and share knowledge about all canoeing contains.

Dutch Open Kano Festival Autumn - Paddlefun @ Dutch Open Kano Festival Ossenzijl

Open Kano Festival

Style Paddling @Kringelfieber

Already looking forward to the annual meeting for all paddlers interested in American Freestyle and/or Canadian Style Paddling open canoes. This marvelous canoe-event is attracting not only the adept but also many newcomers to Style Paddling. Moving with grace and style on the surface of the water. 30-4 /3-5 2020 Edersee Germany

Kringelfieber canoecamp Spring - Gathering @ Kringelfieber Edersee Germany